Progressive Jackpot Pokies at Online Casinos

Every game that you play on today at an online casino will have a top prize or a jackpot prize, but there are now many pokies that have progressive jackpots. This is basically a pokie that is linked to a larger network. For each stake that a player spends on one of these games, a very small percentage of this will go into a much larger prize pool.

This prize pool is the progressive jackpot and it could in theory keep on climbing until one lucky player wins it. There are different rules with different software providers for how exactly a player can try to win one of these jackpots, which is all explained below.

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More About Progressive Jackpot Pokies at Online Casinos

With regards to a progressive jackpot online slot machine, players are usually only eligible to win if they are betting the maximum stake. This doesn’t mean that you have to be spending AU$100 per spin, it just means that you should be betting the maximum bet-per-line with whatever coin value you are playing with as well as betting the maximum number of lines.

Progressive Jackpot games were predominantly pokies until recent years. Many casinos now have progressive Scratch Cards (Scratchies), Progressive Roulette, Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker and various other progressive jackpot games.

The value of each progressive jackpot is constantly changing, because the more players that are playing on each progressive game (in the real cash mode), the larger the total prize pool will be. There is generally no limit to how far this prize could reach, but generally when players recognise that the prize is quite high, more players tend to join in the action and try to take down the prize.

This is much like in a real life lottery (lotto) situation. Usually when there has been a rollover week, more players tend to join in and the prize is then won almost instantly.

Each online casino usually has a special area detailing a list of each progressive jackpot games that are available there. Alternatively, if they don’t have a designated area, players will be able to see the word Jackpot or Progressive somewhere next to the game. The current jackpot amount will also be visible, so players can choose which jackpot game they would rather play on.

If a progressive jackpot has been won, the prize pool will instantly reset to its starting amount, which could be anywhere from AU$10,000 to $50,000, depending on the software provider. This prize will then start to increase again until another lucky player scoops the jackpot prize.

There has been a growing number of individual people who have scooped more than AU$5 Million worth in progressive jackpots, from a variety of different online casinos and on many different games. The great thing is that these prizes can be won randomly by any player and the extraordinary amounts that they climb to make visiting an online casino and tracking down one of these games more appealing.

If you are lucky enough to ever hit a progressive jackpot, it may take slightly longer for the winning prize money to be transferred to you, as you will be appointed a team of advisors (from the casino itself) on how best to move the funds. They are not trying to hold back your winnings in any way.