Pokie FAQ - Learn Online Casino Pokies

Players can use this section to hopefully find answers to any pokie related questions they may have. Below are seven questions with answers that are most commonly asked about pokies.

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More About Pokie FAQ - Learn Online Casino Pokies

Question: What is a Pokie?

Answer:  A pokie is basically a gaming machine such as a fruit machine, a video poker machine, a single lined (three reel) slot machine, a video slot with five reels, or similar gaming machine. The term actually originates in Australia and has become more popular in recent years since these games started appearing online.
Question: How Can I win at Pokies?

Answer: There is no guaranteed method that reveals how to win at pokies because the results are always random. The most obvious advice is to learn the wins (for video poker) and also bet sensibly. If you are betting on a slot, always bet the maximum number of lines and never spend more than you can afford.

Question: How do I learn how to play Pokies?

Answer: Most online casinos have a free play/demo mode which allows you to launch the game without having to spend a penny of your own cash. For new players who are keen to learn how to play on a pokie, playing in this fun mode is the ideal solution. There should always be a rules section so that you can learn more about the game that you want to play on.
Question: Do I have to install software to play on a Pokie?

Answer: Not all casinos force you to install their software, as most of the reputable casinos now provide flash based casinos, meaning that the games can be launched instantly without having to download any programs.  This is ideal for players who are dubious about installing programs from the internet.

Question: Are Pokies any good?

Answer: It depends on each individual’s personal taste. Pokies attract a lot of players and generally make up more than 50% of the total game count at each casino and there are even some websites that are dedicated entirely to pokies, so they must be popular.

Question: Are there any strategies for Pokies?

Answer: There are some simple techniques that you can apply to try to make your money stretch further, but there are no actual proven strategies that will help you win. Players should place bets according to their budget and try to set the most affordable wagering limits when entering a game.

Question: Where is the best place to play on a Pokie?

Answer: Again, this is down to personal preference. There are now thousands of different pokies that have been developed by many different software providers. The layout and design of each pokie will vary, depending on where you are playing. Also, certain themes may appeal to you more than others, so just have fun searching through the pokies that are currently available at the numerous online gambling portals and only play at a casino you feel most comfortable at.