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A listing of online pokie related articles geared at players looking to play at online casinos who reside in Australia can be found featured here in this section of our site.
  • The Untamed Crowned Eagle Pokie

    Untamed Crowned Eagle is a pokie game from Microgaming that is impressive and skillfully created. This particular video pokie game comes with 5 reels, 243 paylines and is a non progressive video game. It includes a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a free spin feature as well as a maximum jackpot of $5,625. This game is another in the series of Untamed games from Microgaming. There are a variety of features that casino players can get excited about. The visuals of the game are professionally done. The eagle symbols look as if they are a part of a photo album. It is not until the casino player starts playing that it is realized that the symbols are indeed animated. The other symbols in the game include the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols as well as eagle eyes, a close up of the eagle's feathers, eagles that are in their nest and a mountain scene. Animal lovers will find this game one of a kind because of its specialty theme.

  • Roulette Myths

    There are notable discussions about the game of Roulette. Since Roulette is one of the most known and played games in the casino other than Blackjack, there are a variety of myths that have arisen over the years. It becomes important to clear up these misconceptions and fallacies that have been talked about throughout the years. Here is a list of some of the myths associated with the game of Roulette.

  • The Candy Cottage Pokie

    When thinking about stories about candy, one of the first stories that comes to mind is that of Hansel & Gretel. This is the focus of the Rival's Candy Cottage pokie game, which is a 5 reel, 20 payline game that comes with all of the candy coated trimmings. There are wilds, bonus rounds and free spins for the casino player to take advantage of. In addition to this, the pokie game offers a jackpot of up to 7,500 coins. The casino player will find two plump characters, Hansel & Gretel, as well as the evil wittach in the Candy Cottage as well as delectable sweets.

  • The Silver Unicorn Pokie

    Silver Unicorn is a 25 payline, 5 reel non progressive video pokie game from Rival Gaming. The pokie game is uniquely designed and comes with a scatter, a wild, and a maximum winning possibility. Built on the theme of mythical unicorns in a kingdom that is magical, the Silver Unicorn pokie game is one of a kind and mythical in nature. Fairytales come to mind with the Silver Unicorn pokie game. Upon examination of the pokie reels, the casino player sees a variety of creatures and characters including a damsel in distress and a knight and of course, a unicorn.

  • The Non Stop Party Pokie

    If the casino player is looking for a neverending party, they will find it with the Non Stop Party pokie game from Gamescale. A 5 reel, non progressive, 21 payline video pokie, Non Stop Party is full of all things social including a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a maximum jackpot potential win of $10,000 and a scatter symbol. If casino players have searched and searched and searched for a video pokie that is centered on a good time, the Non Stop Party will definitely satisfy their quest. The game's background is rainbow colored and the pokie reels are designed in a way that puts the buttons at the bottom. This allows for easy play for the casino player as well as a simple, readable pokie game. There are two party girls that appear as the symbols in the game in addition to disco balls, champagne, cocktails, coffee for the end of the night and other interesting partygoer dynamics. Gamescale left nothing to chance with this particular pokie game in terms of the impression it will leave casino players once they begin playing.

  • The Derby Dollars Pokie

    Derby Dollars is a 20 payline, five reel video pokie game from RealTime Gaming that allows casino players to tap into their inner equestrian to win a maximum jackpot of $3,333. The pokie game comes with a wild symbol, a free spin feature as well as a scatter symbol. Casino players who enjoy horse racing will get a kick and a thrill from the Derby Dollars pokie game. It is not unusual for RealTime Gaming to create a pokie game with exceptional graphics and the Derby Dollars pokie game is no exception. It is full of winning anticipation and suspense and colorful as well. The symbols in the Derby Dollars pokie game are horses, jockeys, ladies that are exquisite, binoculars and all of the other characteristics of horse racing. There are also elegantly shaped poker symbols in the game that will make casino players smile. The game has some cool sounds to ensure that it has all of the fantastic goodness of horse racing.

  • The Curious Machine Pokie

    Step into the 19th century with the Curious Machine pokie game. The brilliant Mr. Miles Bellhouse invented a marvelously novel machine that has provided the opportunity for people to travel back through time. Now is the chance for casino players to take a journey through the past with Miles and his robot assistant sidekick Gizmo in this 5 reel, 30 line 3D pokie game. There is of course something that casino players must be aware of however, the nosy General Traytor who wants the invention and will do whatever he can to steal it. The Curious Machine pokie game is one ride that casino players will be bracing themselves for.

  • The Alien Attack Pokie Game

    The Alien Attack pokie game is an entertaining and intriguing creation that packs serious prizes. The pokie comes with many different features including a wild symbol. There are a total of three different modes of play, including Regular, Free Spins and Bonus. During regular play, the goal of the pokie game is to obtain a winning combination of symbols on any of the games 32 paylines. The casino player can select from any number of paylines and also bet between 1 to 5 coins on every line. During the Bonus play mode of Alien Attack, the casino player is given the opportunity to multiple their coins many times over.

  • The Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders Pokie

    The Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders pokie is a radical new game offering for casino players who enjoy a tropical paradise adventure and like making money from the comfort of their home in an online casino setting. The Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders pokie provides casino players the opportunity to relax in the sun of Fiji or Hawaii. One of the greatest aspects of this pokie is that has killer graphics. Additionally, the pokie is two games in one - combining the excitement of a video pokie with the classic game of Snakes and Ladders. This pokie a 5 reel, 15 payline pokie that gives the casino player the chance to win up to 30,000 coins.

  • CoolCat Casino Offering Rudolph's Revenge Pokie!

    If you are looking for some Christmas cheer, check out RealTime Gaming's Rudolph's Revenge video pokie game at CoolCat Casino. This 5-reel, 50 payline progressive pokie game comes with a multiplier, scatter symbol, wilds, a free spin feature and a max jackpot win that could bring some holiday cheer to any and every casino player.

  • Baccarat Tips

    Most if not all casinos offer the game of Baccarat. Baccarat is one of the more popular card games in the casino. Casino players play the game with two specific hands: the player and the banker. There are three outcomes that can come from the game of Baccarat: where the banker wins, where the player wins and a tie. This card game has number cards where the number on the card counts as that value. 10 is the only exception in this card game. The 10, the Jack, the Queen and King are not worth anything in the game, while the aces are worth one. The game of Baccarat is also unique in that it does not use the joker cards. The card hands are valued with respect to the particular digit that is to the rightmost of the entire total of the player's hand. In other words, if the player's hand consists of a 2 as well as a 3, which equal 5 and there is a hand that has a 7 and a 8, then the rightmost number of that is 5. The highest value that can be obtained in the game is 9.

  • What is Horse Poker?

    Horse Poker is one of the most exciting addition to both online and regular casinos. Horse Poker is a variation of poker that includes a combination of Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud as well as Razz. The appeal of this poker variation lies specifically in the combination of many other variations and the fixed betting limit. While many top casino players that play poker tend to be proficient in the game, most cannot claim that they are excellent Horse Poker players because of the distinctive aspects of the game.

  • The Penguins Vacation Pokie

    Play with the Penugins in the Penguins Vacation pokie game. This icy game allows casino players to make friends with these jokey animals in this Playtech software pokie. The pokie has 20 paylines and 5 reels. If the casino player plays it just right, they will find their luck and win heaps of bucks thanks to the freezing jackpot of $5,000, the gamble feature and the fishing bonus as well as other penuguin pokie presents. The pokie includes Mother Penguin, Father Penguin, Son Penguin, Fish Ice Cream and Suitcase. These are the exclusive symbols in the Penguins Vacation pokie. There are also the common symbols of course of the Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Catch the Penguin on the slide and fishing hole images and take advantage of those also.

  • What is The Fibonacci System Exactly?

    The game of Roulette is quite a popular game. As the popularity of one of the oldest table games continues, casino players are continually seeking out ways to capitalize on their chances of winning. This includes trying to find certain strategies and tips to play better and win more. One strategy that has been used in the game of Roulette before with impressive results is the Fibonacci seqeuence.

  • Classic Pokie Games

    Classic pokie machines are for the player that enjoys a nostalgic experience and values the fun of spinning the reel. Classic pokies are simple, no bonuses or win lines, just fruits, bars, spinning, and winning! Originally called the one arm bandit, the staple of casino play has expanded and now offers an extensive variety of games online. Classic pokies offer one pay line and easy play, as well as an occasional bonus round, a progressive jackpot, a wild symbol, free play modes and free spins. The original Liberty Bell pokie machine is still available, but there is a huge array of games to become new favorites. Bells, bars, fruits, sevens, and three reels are designed to encourage play along with plenty of low dollar jackpots to keep you interested. Anyone can enjoy classic pokies, the experienced player as well as the excited novice and first time player.

  • What Is Poker Pursuit?

    Among the many interesting and fascinating poker variations is Poker Pursuit. Fairly similar to the classic Five Card Stud, Poker Pursuit is all about maximizing and capitalizing on the potential losses while equally attempting to significantly take advantage of the amount of winnings that can be made. To ensure that this is done sucessfully, Poker Pursuit needs a considerable amount of skill, strategy and luck for the casino player to win at. Poker Pursuit uses a total of 52 cards, whcih is a standard deck of cards.

  • The Game of Russian Poker

    Russian Poker is a particular type of casino table game that is another variation of the standard poker game. Casino enthusiasts state that it is very similar to Pai Gow in that it creates the requirement that the casino player should separate his or her cards into hands. In Russian Poker, the casino player can create up to three hands as opposed to two. The objective of Russian Poker is to beat the casino dealer by coming up with a higher point value for the three hands that can be made. This provides the challenge for the casino player. Therefore, Russian Poker is consdiered a combination of skill, risk and luck.

  • GoWild Casino Is Now Offering Big Break Pokie Game!

    Go Wild Casino is now offering the Big Break pokie game for casino players to play!

  • GoWild Casino Is Now Offering Big Break Pokie Game

    GoWild Casino Is Now Offering Big Break Pokie Game!

  • The Irish Eyes Pokie

    Irish Eyes by Microgaming is a 5 reel, 25 payline non progressive video pokie game that comes with a scatter symbol, a wild, and has a maximum jackpot winning potential of $20,000. Casino players also can engage in the Irish Eyes pokie games' free spin feature. Casino players can enchant themselves with gold and more gold with this Irish themed pokie game. The background of the Irish Eyes pokie game contains lush green fields and rainbows. A leprechaun shows up the moment the casino player begins playing. The casino player will be delighted to find shamrocks, a golden path, pots of Gold, an Irish lady, a 9, 10, J, Q, K and Ace symbol in the game. When a win occurs, the casino player is taken into intricate and complex animation as the leprechaun engages them by firing coins toward the screen. This makes for both an exciting and thrilling experience with the Irish Eyes pokie game.

  • Go Wild Casino Offering Football Star Pokie!

    Go Wild Casino is now offering casino players the chance to play Football Star!. This particular pokie game is a 5 reel, 243 payline non progressive that comes with a scatter, a wild, a free spin feature, a maximum jackpot of $12,500 and the exciting fun of being a star in the game of Football. Centered around the 2014 World Cup, casino players that are fans of football (soccer) will find this pokie full of entertaining winning possibilities. The overall theme is full of energy, loud as well as bright. Casino players will feel as if they are watching and playing live out on the football (soccer) field. The reels are created in a 5 by 3 configuration and appear between a football stadium that is flooded with lights that are extremely crafted. Microgaming in creating this pokie game took a significant amount of time in ensuring that the graphics were exceptional and it definitely shows. There is plenty for casino players to become excited about with the Football Star pokie game.

  • The Monkey King Pokie

    From Microgaming comes the Monkey King pokie that is a 5 reel, 30 payline non progressive video game. This particular pokie includes a multiplier, a free spin feature, a scatter, wild and a maximum jackpot winning capability of $1,000 as far as base line play. Casino players will find this pokie game quite fun and interesting to experience because of its hi-tech sounds and graphics. The story is about a Monkey King, who beings an adventure out west with three friends. It is a part of Chinese mythology, in actuality and Microgaming sought to make the game as realistic as possible to casino players that play it. The Monkey King pokie is one of those particular games that at first sight do not seem to pay anything at all, but the truth of the matter is that this pokie pays a significant amount of casino players that stick with it.

  • The Football Frenzy Pokie Game

    The Football Frenzy pokie game is a 25 payline, 5 reel non progressive game. Casino players who are football fans will find this game one of the most interesting and fascinating from Cryptologic. It comes with a multiplier, a free spin feature, a scatter and wild as well as a maximum jackpot possibility of $40,000. If casino players are seeking to score and win big with online gambling, the Football Frenzy pokie game will provide them that and then some. Football is the subject of games in many countries, however, this particular football game is centered on soccer since Cryptologic designed it with the United Kingdom and other countries in mind. The Football Frenzy pokie game takes place in a stadium that is triple tier and this particular element can be seen surrounding the reels. The lower are of the Football Frenzy pokie game offers a transparent perspective of a soccer field. There are women in bikinis with football designs as well as spectators in the stands, golden trophies among others.

  • Tips For Winning On Pokies More Often

    Winning at pokies online is often considered to be extremely straightforward, as well as easy as long as you keep in mind certain rules when playing. Here are a few items to keep in mind the next time you decide to play pokies online.

  • Proper Betting In Craps

    Craps is a game centered on chance. There is a casino player who rolls the dice, known as the shooter. Following the initial throw of the dice, one of three things happen: the shooter throws a 7 or an 11 and wins; the shooter throws a 4,5,6,8, 9 or 10 and makes a point in which the game continues until the point is made again before the number 7 appears; or a 2,3, or 12 is rolled and the shooter immediately loses. Because of these possibilities, casino players tend to look for ways in which they can win. This means strategies and tricks for playing the game of Craps, especially online. There are numerous ways to bet in the game of Craps. Most casino enthusiasts recommend betting the pass line, which is the standard bet, but there are other strategies that can be utilized in the game. The casino player must understand the house edge over the craps bet. These are those with the casino and require the casino player to selecting. Essentially, with this bet, the casino player is betting that the shooter will score a 7 ahead of building a point.

  • The Snow White Pokie

    It has been said that fairytales come in all shapes and sizes. Many are known and some are not as well known, but one that everyone knows or at least has heard of is Snow White. The Snow White pokie game is a 20 payline, 5 reel non progressive one from Cayetano. It comes with a free spin feature, a maximum base jackpot of $250,000, a scatter and wild symbol. Casino players looking to help Snow White along her journey will find themselves intertwining with a significant amount of rewards for doing so. The pokie game comes with dwarfs that work with Snow White, a fateful apple and Prince Charming. Each of these symbols assist the casino player in their journey to win the maximum jackpot of $250,000.

  • The Arrival Pokie

    The Arrival pokie from Betsoft is a 5 reel, 30 payline non progressive game that has a scatter, a wild and a maximum jackpot win of $5,000 that will without a doubt have casino players talking. This particular pokie game is slanted toward aliens. The aliens in the Arrival pokie change colors and shapes. Betsoft has exercised their creative imagination yet again with this particular game that introduces a variety of innovative features. The 3D slot is memorable and noteworthy among the many games of its kind and those that Betsoft has created in general. Everything regarding the pokie will remind casino players of alien movies and books.

  • The Crazy Chameleons Pokie

    The Crazy Chameleons is a five payline, five reel pokie game from Microgaming that has a wild symbol and a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $25,000. Microgaming is known for its dynamic and engaging games and this video pokie game is no different. The Crazy Chameleons is quite possibly one of the more inventive among the collection of pokie games that Microgaming creates but casino players will have no trouble adapting to the theme given the ways in which they can win.

  • The Mister Money Pokie

    Mister Money is a progressive video pokie game from RealTime Gaming that comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Casino players can engage with a variety of features including a multiplier, a scatter symbol, a wild and a maximum jackpot winning possibility. The Mister Money pokie game allows the casino player to see a mighty prince on a white horse. RealTime Gaming created a pokie game that seeks to satisfy the casino player's online gambling needs.

  • Using the Shotwell System in Roulette

    Casino players tend to play different games in online casinos in addition to pokies. One such game is Roulette, which is one of skill and technique. They frequently search for different betting systems that they can use in the game of Roulette. Since Roulette is a game of chance, there are a variety of strategies, tips and tricks that can be incorporated into one's gameplay. One such system that many casino players use is known as the Shotwell system. This particular system has remained a viable and useful system to use in Roulette because it covers a specific amount of numbers on the Roulette wheel and almost assures casino players a shot at winning.

  • The Agent Jane Blonde Pokie

    Microgaming continually puts out great pokie games. One of the most recent to emerge from the minds at Microgaming is Agent Jane Blonde, a 5 reel, 9 payline non progressive video slots game. The game comes with a scatter symbol, a free spin, a multiplier and a wild symbol in addition to a jackpot of $10,000. The name of the poke is the phrase that Microgaming uses for the imaginary secret gaent of the game. The five reels of the pokie are backed by graphics that are in blue and etched with globe silhouettes. This graphic globe is used in the Agent Jane Blond video pokie logo, which is placed beneath the pokie reels above the buttons that are color coded.

  • The Diamond Valley Pokie Game

    Diamond Valley is a Playtech video pokie game that invites casino players to experience the exquisiteness of the jewel. A progressive pokie game that comes with a scatter along 5 reels and 5 paylines, casino players will undoubtedly have an engaging time playing this. The progressive jackpot in the pokie is what makes the game in addition to the mountainous background and jeweled line markers. The pokie also boasts multiple ways to win with each of its symbols, which include dollar signs, bars that flame, vultures, outcrops in the shape of diamonds, rubies and false teeth.

  • The Silver Fang Pokie

    The Silver Fang pokie has an interesting theme being a winter land that is desolate. The background of the game is pure white and the pokie reels are covered in snow. Each of the game's symbols further enhance the icy cold atmosphere of the pokie. There is a Howling wolf which acts as the game's wild symbol, and a paw print, which serves as the scatter. The game has a total of 50 paylines for casino players to take advantage of and win big. The pokie has other symbols that include a wold, caribou and the logo of the Silver Fang. The graphics and audio are enchanting as there are win tones that happen when a casino player wins. The howling wolf howls as an added animation to the pokie. The high value cards in the pokie exhibit colorful animations as well.

  • The Dolphin King Pokie

    The Dolphin King pokie is a progressive game from Cryptologic. Casino players that love everything about the sea will enjoy this dynamic and engaging pokie. The progressive video pokie comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines as well as a scatter, multiplier, wild symbol, free spin and maximum winning jackpot potential of $50,000 with the addition of the progressive. If the casino player is fascinated by all things marine, then the Dolphin King pokie will undoubtedly impress them. The symbols in the game include the dolphin, conches, sea shells, clown fish, lionfish, starfish, and pearl oysters. There are also the traditional pokie symbols such as the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine that complete the marine life pokie theme. Casino players will be delighted to find that the betting range is relatively low starting at $0.05.

  • A Review of the Paydirt! Pokie Game

    Casino players looking for a progressive pokies game should look no further as Paydirt! is one of those pokies that packs a mean punch in the winning department. The pokie is a 5 reel, 25 payline progressive from RTG. The pokie has a scatter, a wild, a multiplier as well as free spin feature that casino players will smile upon knowing that they can take advantage of. Casino players looking to score and win big in wealth will find the Paydirt! Pokie quite impressive.

  • The Fruit Mania Pokie

    The Fruit Mania pokie is a 5 reel, 5 payline progressive game from Playtech that is bound to provide casino players with extensive gambling play. It comes with a free spin feature, a scatter and a maximum jackpot possibility. Noted as a classic pokie, the fruits in this game are crazy and come with a wild feature in addition to the chance to win big. Casino players can try and press their luck at winning the progressive jackpot that grows by the day. The pokie game is fairly straighftoward. Each pokie reel is covered and immersed in the color white, which contrasts to the fruit background that the game is etched in. The symbols in the game are quite colorful also.

  • The Great Griffin Pokie From Microgaming

    The Great Griffin pokie is a non progressive video slots game from Microgaming that includes five reels and 50 paylines. Casino players can delight themselves in a pokie game that has a scatter, a wild symbol, a multiplier, a free spins feature and a maximum jackpot winning chance of $5,000. The theme of the Great Griffin pokie game is set in a mystical castle with a variety of magical imagination. This means that casino players will see warlocks, sorcerers and a whole host of fantasy characters. The symbols of the pokie game include spell books, scales, colorful potions, magical plants as well as mystical orbs. The premise of the pokie is that these objects are used by the sorceress in the castle, who has decorated it with a number of griffin statues.

  • Blackjack Variations That Should Be Avoided

    Much is said about how to win and win big at Blackjack. From tips to strategies to systems, casino players everywhere are searching for ways to capitalize on one of the most popular games in the casino. Casino players can find an assortment of tricks and information online about how to win at their favorite Blackjack game. It is rarely discussed, but there are some Blackjack games that casino player should avoid. As such, the following are some Blackjack variations that casino players should ignore when they are considering playing the game and utilizing a strategy or system they have just learned.

  • The Moonlight Mystery Pokie

    The Moonlight Mystery pokie is a Rival video game that comes with a scatter symbol, multiplier, wild symbol and a free spin feature. Casino players can immerse themselves in a variety of entertainment with the pokie's maximum jackpot win of $20,000. The pokie has 5 reels and 15 paylines. If casino players are fans of mysteries, Sherlock Holmes and other detectives then the Moonlight Mystery pokie is sure to be one that they'll enjoy. The casino player essentially has to help the detective character in the Moonlight Mystery pokie game solve a crime. The background of the game is made up on 19th century decor. There are street lamps, line numbers, magnifying glasses and wooden buttons around the theme as well as interesting symbols such as the suspects and potential murder weapons.

  • The Honey to the Bee Pokie

    Casino players will be delighted to experience a sweet and interesting pokie known as Honey to the Bee. The pokie game is a five reel, 20 payline progressive that comes with a scatter, a wild, a free spin feature and a maxium base line jackpot win. The bees are continuously buzzing in the pokie game as they produce honey and seek to spice things up for the casino players that take a chance on this game.

  • Different Types of Blackjack Strategies

    The basic strategy of Blackjack is based on the mathematics. If you are seeking to become a successful player in the game, then you will need to learn the essential fundamental rule of the game. The overall rule of the game of Blackjack is to get to 21 or beat the casino dealer by having a total greater than theirs. Most strategies concerning Blackjack state that the house gains its edge by the fact that the casino player must make a move first in the game. While that is an important rule to remember, the casino player also needs to learn what decisions come after that.

  • The Lucky Cherry Pokie Game From Chartwell Gaming

    The Lucky Cherry pokie is a classic game from Chartwell Gaming. This 3 reel, 1 payline non progressive pokie game comes with a multiplier, a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $8,000 and a wild symbol. Different from the traditional classic pokies in that includes an impressive array of symbols, casino players can be treated with a multitude of winning chances when playing the Lucky Cherry pokie game.

  • Online Versus Land Craps: An Explanation

    The question is sometimes asked as to what the difference between online and regular land based casino craps is. Essentially, the mechanics of the game are the same, with a few slight differences. The main difference is usually found in how the craps table is laid out. While both land based and online casinos have pass and come bets, field and proposition bets, in the online game of craps only the middle portion and the end sections of the craps table are visible. This is partly due to the fact that craps usually caters to one particular player whereas with land casinos, the craps table was designed with multiple players in mind.

  • The Reverse D'Alembert System

    When considering strategies and tricks to use in Roulette, casino players tend to peruse online and in books for a multitude of different ones. One of the most well-known strategies is the D'Alembert strategy, which is considered the safest strategies that one can use. The D'Alembert is also considered a better strategy to use than the traditional Martingale and because it is an even chance betting system, winning big is a likely possibility on more than one occasion.

  • The Game of Blackjack Switch

    Blackjack Switch is another variation of classic Blackjack. Each player received two hands. Cards can be traded between hands, but players are required to make two equal size bets with the option of switching the second card dealt by the dealer to each hand. The player can also switch cards to create a winning blackjack 21. For instance, if a player received a 5 with a 10 for one hand and an ace with a 7 for the other hand, the player can switch the cards from each hand to create a better hand, such as putting the 10 and ace together to make 21. Only the second card dealt can be switched. Since the goal of Blackjack is 21, the score of 22 results is an automatic push against all hands that are not over 21 and only even money is paid instead of the normal 3:2 payout for a blackjack.

  • The Reel Gems Pokie

    If the casino player is seeking an exceptional experience, the Reel Gems pokie will provide them with an interesting journey in the area of non-progressive gaming. The Reel Gems pokie is a 243 payline, 5 reel video game from Microgaming that comes with a free spins feature, a maximum jackpot potential of $8,000, a scatter, a multiplier and a wild symbol. Casino players will find the Reel Gems pokie to be one full of rubies, sapphires, diamonds and many ways to win to the point where they won't want to get up from the computer.

  • The Dozens & Columns Roulette Strategy

    One of the most known betting systems that is used in the game of Roulette is on outside bets. Casino players tend to prefer winning even money rather than losing on an inside bet because it did not hit. Red and black are the most popular bets that casino players tend to bet on as well as dozens and columns. There are a total of three different dozen bets on the Roulette table as well as three different columns by which the casino player can bet. Each of these covers roughly about a third of the Roulette table. There are two distinctive strategies that casino players can use regarding the dozens and columns to maximize their winning potential.

  • A Review of the Nutty Squirrel Pokie

    Nutty Squirrel is a non progressive pokie game from Microgaming that provides an interactive experience with none other than squirrels. The game includes a multiplier, a free spin feature, a wild symbol and a maximum winning jackpot possibility of $50,000. Casino players, whether they are fans of squirrels or not will find this game thrilling and filled with winning possibilities.

  • What Is The Parlay System?

    The Parlay Roulette system is considered by most if not all casino players to be one of the easiest to learn and understand. There is no specific mathematical background to this strategy. When using the system, the casino player only has to remember the amount they want to bet with and how much money they seek to win. This particular Roulette strategy is centered then on two numbers.

  • Splitting In Blackjack

    Casino players can split in the game of Blackjack when the cards that you are holding match each other. You can also sometimes split when the cards have equal value. Some casinos permit you to split any two face cards even if these two face cards do not match each other (i.e. two Queens just of a different suit). It is important to verbally inform the casino dealer that you are splitting or want to split. The casino dealer will then ask you to place your identical bet next to the original bet that you wagered and then the cards will then be separated from each other in order for two hands to be formed. The casino dealer will also put the respective bets next to the particular hand that they go to.

  • Two Key Roulette Strategies

    Roulette players often look for strategies that will guarantee continuous winnings. Roulette, however, is a game of chance, therefore there are strategies that can be implemented to increase ones chances of winning, but not necessarily guaranteeing a big win each time. One particular strategy that can be used to increase one's chances of winning is the double street wager. In this strategy, the casino player bets 6 casino chips per one spin with 2 chips on each of the double streets (as a wager). A chip is also placed on the corner and straight number bets. With this particular strategy, the casino player should keep in mind that they will lose all 6 chips, if the number that was chosen does not win.

  • The Cool Stone Age Pokie

    The Cool Stone Age pokie game is a 20 payline video non progressive from Top Game. The pokie game comes with a maximum winning jackpot potential of $50,000, a scatter symbol, a wild symbol and a free spin feature. Casino players can immerse themselves in an abundance of winning possibilities with this particular pokie game from Top Game.

  • What Is Hot Dice?

    Hot Dice is a casino game that many casino enthusiasts find to be quite fascinating in how it works. Casino players that are unaware of its potential may miss it because it is quite deceptive in terms of the possibilities of winning and winning big. The game is played with a total of five dice. Points are awarded for rolling either ones, fives or multiples of any other number. Casino players are also rewarded if they obtain a five straight, which is a consecutive array of numbers beginning at one and ending at five. The game begins when each casino player rolls one die and the player that has the highest number rolled will go first. Following the roll of the dice, the casino player must take out the die for scoring. If no score is produced from a particular roll, then another casino player will begin. If the casino player does happen to score, then they will collect their necessary points. Scoring in the game of Hot Dice is achieved on the basis of rolls. For each respective roll that takes place, 1's become worth 100 points and fives are worth a total of fifty points.

  • The Pass Line Bet In Craps

    Craps is typically played either by individuals seeking the opportunity to win money or to enjoy the exciting atmosphere that does not come from other casino games. Craps is fun - pure fun. There are very few casino games, online and off, that allow the casino enthusiast to take control of their own cash destiny. It is important to understand the basic rules pertaining to craps prior to stepping up to the table. Craps, often looks more intimidating that it is. Relax and have fun at playing craps online. Upon approaching the craps table, it is important to see what other individuals playing online are doing with their bets. Many tips and tricks books often recommend watching the players at many craps tables to see which one would be the best to join the fun at. It is every easy to get in a game as long as there is an opening.

  • The Martingale System in Roulette

    The Martingale betting system is a particular strategy that is used in the game of Roulette. It is also used in Blackjack, but where it is most discussed is in Roulette. The Martingale system is one of the oldest strategies that casino players can utilize to maximize their chances. The casino player essentially makes a standard bet for example, $5 on red.

  • The Roberta's Castle Pokie

    RealTime Gaming is known for its impressive and engaging pokies and Roberta's Castle is no different. The game is a 5 reel progressive, video pokie that comes with 20 paylines, a wild symbol, a multiplier, a free spin feature, a maximum jackpot possibility and a scatter symbol. Each of these features give casino players the opportunity to win and win big. The pokie is centered on a fairytale in a far away land that encompasses country landscapes and chracters that are bright and charming. The pokie is themed with women in mind with its prince charming concept and the golden locked Roberta. The background of the Roberta's Castle pokie game is beautifully designed with precision.

  • A Review of the Gold Beard Pokie Game

    Casino players can delight themselves in joining the seafaring adventures of the Gold Beard pokie game! Gold Beard is a trusted sea wolf, who has traveled immensely and knows how to find treasure. This time, the old priate has a new treasure and if the casino player assists him in this feat, then the casino player will reap some great rewards. The Gold Beard pokie game offers the casino player the ability to aid an experienced pirate in making matches on 20 paylines on 5 reels. In addition to the regular spins mode, the casino player can win a superb progressive jackpot. This jackpot continues to grow each and everyday on the screen and is awarded at random. If the casino player tries hard, but there is no progressive strike, the casino player can try to catch the max jackpot, which is 5,000 coins or $25,000.

  • The Hardway Bet In Craps

    When playing the game of craps, either online or off, you probably know and remember that the middle of the layout is often complex looking. Yet, despite the way it looks, the layout is actually quite simple to understand. There are so many betting options that can be made on a craps table such as the Pass Line Bet, the Come Bet and the Hardway Bet. Hardways are typically made in the center of the table. Often referred to as sucker bets, the Hardway Bet is not all bad if the casino player knows how to execute it properly and if they can predict a win for themselves. The hardways are four numbers which have their own designated spot in the center of the table. These include the number 4, the number 6, the number 8, and the number 10. In order to roll a hardway, the casino player must roll and exact pair of numbers.

  • The Labouchère System

    The Labouchère System is a type of betting system that many casino players utilize in the game of Roulette. This particular betting system requires both a pencil and pad. Essentially, the system works by selecting a number sequence of any particular length. For example, 1, 2,3, 4, and 5 (any sequence of numbers will work). Each of the numbers in the sequence represents a betting unit and th esum of the numbers will be the winning goal. The casino player makes his/her first bet the sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence. So, in the case of the example, the casino player would bet on the number 6 on the Roulette wheel.

  • A Review of the Centre Court Pokie

    If casino players are fans of the game of tennis, then the Centre Court pokie game from Microgaming will without a doubt thrill them and bring them much joy. The game is a nine payline, five reel non progressive video game that comes with many different features including a possible jackpot win of $2,500, a scatter and wild as well as a free spin feature and multiplier. Centered on the Wimbledon tennis match specifically, Microgaming designed the game to be one of the more interesting and fascinating sports themed online games.

  • A Review of the Belissimo Pokie

    The Belissimo game from Microgaming is a unique pokie game that promises casino players significant payouts and an entertaining adventure. The pokie is a 3 reel, 5 payline non progressive game that comes with a maximum jackpot of $25,000 and has a wild symbol. Casino players will be delighted with the chances to win in the Belissimo pokie and will have a hard time getting up from their computer once they begin playing. lassic video pokies are always highly rated by casino players and Belissimo is no different. Casino players will join a jolly pizzeria owner who stands below the pokie's three reels. There's a total of five paylines as well and prizes that can be won again and again.

  • A Review of the Miami Club Casino

    The Miami Club Casino offers exclusive games, promotions and exceptional welcome bonuses! First take a look at their collection of over 150 pokie games. From the 3 reel pokie games - Crazy Cherry to Pay Day to Triple Triple Gold, these games are bound to give you the wins you need and want. Have an exciting adventure with the 5 reel pokie games such as Cash Caboose, Cherry Blossoms, Fire Hawk, Ja Man, Shaark and Vampire Vixen. Then treat yourself to their traditional pokie games such as Coral Reef, Luxury Liners, and Swept Away. The fun doesn't end there at Miami Club Casino with their featured games such as Dragon Master, Jacks or Better, Dazzling Dice and Cash Hold'Em!

  • Tips For Better Keno Playing

    Playing Keno both online and off is an interesting experience to say the least as casino players can potentially win exceptional payouts and hefty jackpots. This is one of the many reasons why online Keno is so popular. The game is considered by most casino enthusiasts to be best played online given that online casinos often give even larger payouts that the typical casino based on land. There are no specific strategies to Keno that one can implement as they potentially could in say roulette or craps, but there are tips that have proven to work with those that play the game online regularly.

  • The Game of Zappit Blackjack

    Zappit Blackjack is a variation on Blackjack that provides all of the action of the tradtional Blackjack game with an enticing twist. The game is easy to both like and learn. The overall objective of Zappit Blackjack is still to get close to 21 without going over. Additionally, casino players continue to have the aim to keep obtaining a hand that is higher than the Blackjack dealer. However, with Zappit Blackjack, when the casino player is dealt a hand of 15, 16 or 17, the casino player can choose to zap their cards and obtain two new ones. This is the zap in Zappit Blackjack and the thrilling twist. The rules of Zappit Blackjack are that a total of six decks, which are then reshuffled following each respective hand. In addition to this, the rules of the game include no ace when splitting again, there is only splitting allowed on three hands and the casino player is recommended to hit on a soft 17. A casino player when they achieve a score of 21 or less but larger than the casino dealer's total, they win.

  • A Review of the Food Fight Pokie From RealTime Gaming

    Who doesn't enjoy delicious food? What better way to entice casino players than with a pokie centered on eating? RealTime Gaming created the Food Fight pokie. It is a 5-reel pokie that has a total of nine paylines for the casino player's gambling pleasure. The pokie operates on a gourmet theme, with symbols that include burgers, pies, pizza, spaghetti, etc. The Food Fight pokie does not have any wild symbols unfortunately, so casino players will not see any of the food symbols showing up n the reels. However, to make up for the loss, RTG did include a scatter and bonus round in the pokie game that will undoubtedly increase the casino player's playing power and ultimately, balance.

  • A Review of the Voila Pokie From Microgaming

    Experience the Voila! Pokie from Microgaming. This non progressive, 5 reel, 243 payline video pokie is pokie heaven. The video pokie comes with a scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spin feature, multiplier and a jackpot of $6,000. Themed around the landmarks of France, the Voila! Pokie game comes complete with the customs and traits of France. Microgaming has outdone themselves with more than 243 ways for the casino player to win and a quintessential French town as the backdrop. The backdrop has ornate carvings that create the feeling of renaissance to the reels.

  • A Review of the Chase The Cheese Pokie

    Chase the Cheese is a 4 reel, 9 payline progressive pokie from Betsoft that comes with a maximum jackpot of $7,500 and a wild symbol. Casino players can engage in an entertaining and fun pokie that unlocks a significant amount of payout possibilities. Betsoft Gaming stated that this particular pokie is a classic one in that it has the traditional symbols that are associated with pokies such as cheeries and 7's as well as plums, but the Chase the Cheese pokie also has other symbols and features that make it much more than a classic pokie.

  • How To Properly Bet In Craps

    There are many betting strategies and systems that one can consider when playing craps. Craps is a type of dice game where casino players make bets on the particular outcome of the roll of the dice. Casino players are permitted to wager money against other player or the craps bank. When betting on a craps game in a casino, either online or off, it is generally considered that all bets have the advantage of the house. Essentially, this means that mathematics suggests that the casino player will more than likely lose either all of his/her money to the casino in the long run or in the short run, the casino player is more likely to lose money than make it.

  • A Little Known Strategy For Better Roulette Playing

    One of the most popular games in the casino, Roulette, is a game of pure chance. Due to this fact, casino players frequently look for strategies and tips to play better with the hopes of winning more than losing. As such, casino players rely on tips and tricks that they have up their sleeve in an effort to win better and have an exciting time. Whether they are playing Roulette in an online or offline casino, the game is one that requires skill and precision despite it being a game of chance. With the inside and outside bets, casino players have a vast array of different wagers they can make. Some strategies are considered better than others. One particular strategy that is often used in the game of Roulette is known as the Black & Red strategy. The Black & Red strategy in Roulette is quite effective, or rather has been proven to be effective.

  • Pai Gow Strategies

    Online Pai Gow Poker is an extension the original Chinese Pai Gow Poker that was invented in California but never patented by the owner. Typically considered a game of low risk, easy to learn, and incredibly social, online Pai Gow Poker is available on many casino sites. The game combines poker and Chinese dominos. The game uses a standard card deck of 52 cards plus one additional card, the Joker. The Joker acts as a wild card, as well as it can be used as an ace. It also can be used to make a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush, just like regular Poker, and everyone plays against the dealer’s hand.

  • A Review of the Victory Pokie From RealTime Gaming

    From RealTime Gaming comes Victory, a progressive pokie game. The Victory pokie is entertaining and engaging. Casino players can experience RTG's video pokie that comes with 20 paylines, 5 reels, and a game built on the theme of winning and enjoying the victory. It is very easy to like this pokie game especially when wins emerge. The pokie has an historical theme, a bright background, rewarding features and symbols that are definitive in authenticity. The symbols in the pokie include humans, ships, and weapons. The features in the pokie game are scatters, wilds and free spins as well as the progressive jackpot possibility.

  • A Review of Boy King's Treasure From RealTime Gaming

    From RealTime Gaming comes the Boy King's Treasure, a progressive pokie from RealTime Gaming that has five reels and twenty paylines. Casino players can delight themselves in an interesting and fascinating experience that encompasses a wild symbol, a scatter, a multiplier and a free spin feature. Additionally, Boy King's Treasure includes a maximum jackpot winning possibility. Centered on the theme of ancient Egypt, RealTime Gaming has captured the magic and essence of the characters that captive history. Many casino enthusiasts have noted that the Boy King's Treasure pokie is one of the finest that RealTime Gaming has ever created. While that phrase has been said about a lot of the pokies that RTG creates, Boy King's Treasure is exceptionally crafted.

  • An Update to the Pollen Nation Pokie

    The Pollen Nation pokie is a 5 reel, 25 payline non progressive from Microgaming. This video pokie promises to deliver a maximum jackpot win of $30,000, a scatter and a wild for the casino player's pleasure and delight. Buzz into the Pollen Nation pokie with significant satisfaction, entertainmnet with a yellow bee themed game that offers a notable amount of winning chances, and symbols that are animated and colorful. The symbols in the Pollen Nation pokie include the Queen Bee with her guardians, a nurse and worker bee, a scatter bee and other symbols that are vibrantly colored with green, blue and yellow. One of the greatest aspects of the Pollen Nation pokie is that it includes a humorous cartoon at the beginning that enlightens casino players on the bee civilization that exists in society.

  • A Review of the Millionaire Genie Pokie

    Casino players always know they have something to look forward to in terms of significant prizes when playing pokies online. Jackpots on progressive pokie games can be massive and because of this, one pokie game in particular is worth playing. That pokie is the Millionaire Genie. The Millionaire Genie pokie is quite simple, but is very appealing. It has a single payline and an interesting theme centered around the 1001 Night story of Aladdin and his magic lamp.

  • A Review of the Good to Go Pokie From Microgaming

    Microgaming has created a thrilling and exciting video pokie game with Good to Go. It is a non progressive 9 payline, 5 reel pokie game that comes with a maximum jackpot possibility of $50,000, a scatter and wild as well as a free spins feature. This pokie game is fast paced and high octane with a chrome and dark colored background.

  • A Few Roulette Strategies

    Roulette players often look for strategies that will guarantee them immense winnings. Roulette, though, is a game of chance, therefore there are strategies that can be implemented to increase ones chances of winning, but not necessarily guaranteeing a big win each time. The following are a few strategies that casino players can use the next time they are playing Roulette.

  • A Review of the Penguins Vacation Pokie

    The Penguins Vacation pokie game is an icy game allows casino players to make friends with these jokey animals in this Playtech software pokie. The pokie has 20 paylines and 5 reels.

  • A Review of the Karate Pig Pokie

    Microgaming is known for online games that are creative and fun. Every now and then, Microgaming creates pokies that are also whimsical and engaging and have exceptional winning opportunities for casino players as most of their games are usually packed with heavy themes and reward after reward. This is what makes games that are not packed with a lot of winning opportunities a welcome change, at least to some casino players who enjoy both big wins and pokies that are very well executed. The Karate Pig pokie from Microgaming is just that type of game.

  • The Sunken Treasure Pokie From RealTime Gaming

    If casino players are looking to find treasure, then they should no further than the Sunken Treasure pokie game from RealTime Gaming. A progressive, 20 payline, 5 reel pokie, this particular game comes with a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a free spin feature, and a maximum jackpot winning possibility. Casino players that are delighted with voyages to the bottom of the sea will find this video pokie from RealTime Gaming fun and engaging.

  • The Twisted Circus Pokie From Microgaming

    The Twisted Circus pokie is a non progressive video game from Microgaming that comes with 243 paylines and 5 reels. The pokie comes with a free spin feature, a multiplier, and a wild symbol. The Twisted Circus pokiegame also includes a scatter symbol. While circuses are bright and cheerful typically, this circus is far from the conventional perspective on circuses. The Twisted Circus pokie is a dark and twisted place that brings a lot of macabre and sinister trepidation. There are a number of ways the casino player can win with its 243 paylines that incorporate many of the circus characters such as a tattooed Hercules, a lady that is beared, the Ringmaster and fire eaters. The theme is weird and odd.

  • The King Cashalot Pokie Game

    If you are looking for a progressive online pokie, then King Cashalot can assist you with that. The King Cashalot pokie game is a 5 reel, 9 payline progressive from Microgaming. This video pokie comes with a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and maximum jackpot as well. The pokie game is one of riches and royalty. This Microgaming video pokie can make the casino player's dreams come true to live a life of winning, winning and more winning. The pokie will take the casino player into a kingdom of kings, queens, knights and delicious dishes that are offered at the feast of his royal highness. Casino players will be taken by this impressive fairytale themed game by Microgaming. The casino player is sure to find this game entertaining as it gives luxurious offerings.

  • An Explanation of Casino War

    From time to time, casino players choose to get away from the usual games and begin searching for other types of games to play at the online casino. One such game is Casino War. Casino War is a variation on the original card game. This particular casino game is in its simplistic and fast pace. In order to play it successfully, the casino player begins with selecting a particular coin size and then clicking the deal button. Casino War was developed around the early 1990s and most of the developers that offer Casino War make it look and feel like the regular game of war. The casino player and the casino dealer are then given a card. If the card that the casino player has is higher than the casino dealer's then the casino player will win and they will lose if it is not. The casino player has the opportunity to surrender, and if they opt to do that, then they lose half of their original bet and the game of war is then over.

  • The Benefits of Using The d'Alembert Roulette System

    The d'Alembert Roulette system is known as the cancellation system in the game. The system was designed by Jean Rond d'Alembert in the 18th century. The system is centered on the assumption that a casino player has a high chance of winning after encountering a loss and has a significant chance of losing after a win. The system can be used in both the short and long term. The particualar system is known by most casino players to be one of the easiest to understand. The casino player must choose what they want to bet on and the respective amount that they want to begin with. The bet is increased by one unit after each loss and decreased after each win. For example, if the casino player bets $10 and loses, then the casino player will then have to be $20. If the casino player wins his or her bet, then the wager is dropped back to $10.

  • What Is Casino Mahjong?

    Mahjong is a Chinese origin board game that slowly became a U.S. favorite in the early 1920s. Recently becoming an online format, the game continues to challenge player concentration levels and intellect. There are several versions of Mahjong available for casino play, Chinese Classical Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong the same as the classic only with different ways to score, Sichuan Mahjong, played in a faster mode with removal of a few game pieces, and American Mahjong which is very similar to Chinese Classical Mahjong, only played with more tiles. Mahjong is available in American and various casinos around the world.

  • Who Is William Hill and William Hill Casinos?

    William Hill was born in Birmingham, England into a farming family of thirteen children with a rigid family environment. He joined the Black and Tans as a recruit during World War I. Later he became interested in betting and horseracing and spent some time in Ireland where he worked at a pub taking bets. When the war ended, William Hill continued in the bookmaking business first as a bookmaker at the Birmingham tracks until he lost all of his investment and was forced to move to London. In London he originally took bets on greyhounds and became an owner in Northolt Park Racetrack, as well as purchased and started breeding horses. William Hill later established his company in 1934 when the gambling industry was without governing entities and bookies did not have a legal obligation to pay customers money for their winning bets. William Hill became successful because people perceived him as honest and trustworthy. Originally, offering betting as a postal and telephone betting service, the business grew. Hill also setup a football company that created the first fixed-odds football coupon. He won many events and invested in Holder’s Investment Trust with a partner, Lionel Barber. He died in 1971 at the age of 68, after generating many deals including casinos and race tracks.

  • Tips To Remember When Choosing An Online Casino

    With so many choices for online casinos to select from, the task is not an easy for one casino players that love all types of games. Choosing an online casino is similar to purchasing a new car. The transactions that you make are notable and often big. This is why it is essential to select an online casino through a series of steps to make sure that you choose the right one. Here are a few items to remember in the selection process.

  • A Few Baccarat Tips

    Theoretically Baccarat is perceived as a game of luck and good fortune because it requires no expertise or real skills. With this in mind the most important tip is know the stakes, as there are no magical formulas or mystical combinations. Baccarat is roughly about getting as close to the number nine or eight as possible, or a natural of each of these numbers as it is referred to in casino terms. If either of these cards do not come up, another card is pulled to try and get one of these numbers or as close as possible. After drawing cards, if the total is greater than the number ten, then the left digit is dropped and the right digit becomes the player’s score.

  • Understanding The Game of Red Dog

    Red Dog is typically associated with the game of poker. Many online casinos offer the game of Red Dog as it is a game of chance that is generally played with anywhere between one to eight decks of cards. With an increasing number of decks, this decreases the house edge for the casino player. In contrast with other card games at casinos, both online and off, an increase in card decks increases the house's edge. The game of Red Dog uses a total of three cards at any given time, which are ranked with aces being high. The particular type of suit (i.e. clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) does not mean anything. The casino player then places a wager and two of the three cards are turned over on the table. There are a total of three possible outcomes that can occur. If the cards drawn happen to be consecutive in number such as a six and a seven or a queen and a king, then the hand is referred to as a push and the casino player's money that was bet is then given back to them. If two of the cards happen to be the same, a third card is then dealt to the casino player. If that third card is also of the same value, then the particular payout for the casino player ends up being 11 to 1. The hand becomes a push if the third card is not of the same value. If the prior mentioned two outcomes do not happen, then a spread is made that will in essence determine what type of payout the casino player will receive. This essentially is a four card spread. Prior to a third card being dealt, the casino player is given the choice by the casino dealer to double their wager. If the value of the third card happens to fall within the first two, then the casino player will receive a payout in accordance with the spread, otherwise the wager ends up being lost at that point in the game of Red Dog.

  • What Is the Difference Between Online Keno and Online Bingo?

    There are quite a few individuals that consider Keno and Bingo the same game. While they have a few similiarities in terms of being similar to number selection, there are many differences also. Here are a few differences between the two games.

  • What Is Wild Viking?

    Wild Viking is a table game that combines the excitement of poker with the engagement of Roulette. In this particular card game, there ar 52 cards used plus the jokers. The table game is played against the casino dealer. Casino players can make their bets on a table that looks like a Roulette table. The Wild Viking table displays each of the cards that are used in the game. After casino players place their bets, the casino dealer will then deal a total of five cards, each facing up. Casino players can place a total of four different types of bets in Wild Viking. There is a center betting area, which is considered the main area of the Wild Viking table. This area consists of each of the 52 cards from the deck, which can be bet on in a similar fashion as the numbers and colors in the game of Roulette. The fifth card that is dealt to the casino player is seen as the equivalent of a straight bet in the game of Roulette.

  • A Review of the Arctic Adventure Pokie

    From Cgtv-games comes Arctic Adventure. Arctic Adventure is a 5 reel, non progressive, 15 payline video pokie. This particular pokie game comes with a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $50,000 and a multiplier. Casino players can experience a chilly, cool journey through this interestingly created and crafted pokie. While Cgtv-games had the winter months in mind when they created this video pokie, that does not mean that it cannot be played as the summer is approaching because it yields a jaw dropping $50,000 maximum potential jackpot as well as a significant amount of prizes.

  • A Review of the Pollen Nation Pokie From Microgaming

    Pollen Nation is a 25 payline, 5 reel Microgaming video pokie. This particular pokie game comes with a scatter symbol, a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $30,000, a wild symbol and is a non progressive. Casino players can buzz into the game to engage in an assortment of entertainment and to pick up great wins. The Pollen Nation video pokie symbols include the queen bee, as well as her guards, the scatter and babee be. The game provides insight into Microgaming's conception of bees and their kingdoms. One of the highlights of the Pollen Nation pokie game is the introduction video that display a cartoon. It is short and humorous and interesting to watch. Casino players can delight themselves in this comical pokie game and come away with impressive and dynamic wins.

  • The Captain Nemo Pokie

    If casino player is a fan of the sea, they will more than likely enjoy the Captain Nemo pokie game from Cryptologic. An aquatic pokie that comes with a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $80,000, and the chance at winning the game's progressive jackpot, the Captain Nemo pokie game is fun, exhilirating entertainment. The pokie game has five reels and 20 paylines, allowing for maximum betting pleasure. There is also a scatter and wild for the casino players that love to create winning combinations and obtain as many casino coins as possible. Based on the novel written by Jules Verne known as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Captain Nemo pokie offers challenging dynamics and rewarding experiences. Cryptologic has created a cutting edge pokie game full of prizes and surprises.

  • Roulette Variations

    Online casinos afford casino players with a variety of options. This is done to keep them coming back again and again. From table games to pokies to video poker, casino players can be contented for hours on end. One of the more popular games in the casino is the Roulette wheel. There are many different variations, but two in particular, are more often than not featured in online casinos. There is the American version and the European version. Each follow a certain amount of rules and both are just as fun and exciting. It becomes a matter of preference for the casino player as to which variation they prefer.

  • A Review of the Golden Goose - Winning Wizards Pokie

    Golden Goose - Winning Wizards is a pokie game from Microgaming that explores a variety of ways in which one can win. The pokie comes with 20 paylines, 5 reels, a scatter, a wild, a multiplier, free spins feature, maximum winning jackpot potential of $20,000 and is a non-progressive. Casino players looking to win and win big will find the Golden Goose - Winning Wizards pokie one of a kind in that area. The theme of the pokie is mysteriously dark and is filled with everything from potions to spells to ravens and rings. Microgaming crafted this game specifically with the intention of wowing and entertaining casino players.

  • The Dragon Master Pokie Game: A Review

    From Random-logic, Dragon Master is a 20 payline, 5 reel pokie game that is jam packed with a variety of ways to win. The pokie game includes a scatter symbol, a free spin feature, a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $40,000 as well as a wild symbol. Casino players looking to win and win big will find the Dragon Master pokie satisfying to their account balance. The pokie game is centered on dragons and mystical beings and a fiery landscape. The design and function is user friendly and offers a story as opposed to solely winning possibilities.

  • The Bush Telegraph Pokie

    If casino players are looking for an exciting and entertaining pokie, then Bush Telegraph is it. The Bush Telegraph pokie is a 15 payline, 5 reel, video slot from Microgaming that comes with a multiplier, a free spin feature, a scatter and wild symbol. Additionally, the pokie game comes with a maximum jackpot possibility of winning a total of $7,500. Centered on a wildlife theme, the Bush Telegraph pokie comes with sound effects that casino players will find soothing as well as graphics that are dynamically crafted. Microgaming also made sure that casino players of all types could play this pokie with the betting range.

  • The Hollandish Strategy in Roulette

    Roulette is one of the most captivating casino games that anyone can play. Whether online or off, Roulette remains a very popular game and casino players continually search out strategies, tips and tricks to aid and support them in their play. One such strategy that can be used casino players is known as the Hollandish Roulette strategy.

  • The Mice Dice Pokie

    From RealTime Gaming, the Mice Dice pokie game is a progressive one that comes with a total of 25 paylines for casino players to immerse themselves in. Included in the Mice Dice pokie is a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a scatter symbol and a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $2,500. RTG is known by online casino players to be one of the leaders in the area of slots games because of their impressive and dynamic qualities. The Mice Dice pokie is no exception to this rule providing casino players with rewarding prizes, graphics and sound effects that allow them to be entertained.

  • A Review of the Buffet Bonanza Pokie

    The Buffet Bonanza pokie is a 5 reel, non progressive from Microgaming. Casino players can satisfy their appetite with this pokie as it comes with a maximum winning possibility of $24,000 as well as a free spin feature, a wild symbol and a scatter. It is a video pokie that engaging, interesting and full of excitement as it provides ample chances to win. Centered on a restuarant that is chic and swanky, casino players are served up delightful opportunities to achieve notable payouts despite the fact that the game is a non progressive. From glazed ham to lobster to salad and cakes, along with the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols on the pokie reels, the Buffet Bonanza pokie is full of culinary class.

  • The Wooden Boy Pokie

    Wooden Boy is a 20 payline, 5 reel pokie game from RealTime Gaming. Centered on the theme of a fairytale, the pokie game comes with a multiplier, a scatter, a wild symbol, a maximum jackpot winning possibility as well as a free spin feature. Casino players can embark on an adventure in one of the most interesting pokies to emerge from RealTime Gaming. The Wooden Boy is Pinocchio and casino players familiar with the story will be enchanted with this bright and colorful pokie game that has a carpenter's workshop background. In addition to the Wooden Boy being in the pokie, the other symbols in the game include a whale, a pretty fairy, a fox and many others. The pokie game has some interesting highlights as well that are worth both the time and energy that will undeniably spent with this pokie game.

  • The Jewels of the Ancients Pokie

    Slotland is known for making innovative slots games. Many casino enthusiasts have stated that the company takes a bold approach in development of its games as they are both unique and original. The company also takes pride in ensuring that each slots game satisfies casino players of all kinds and tastes. One such slots game that does just that is Jewels of the Ancients. It is a medieval themed pokie with pokie reels that are colorfully crafted and dark. The pokie spans a total of five reels and 19 paylines. The graphics are fairly straightforward and offer a cinematic feeling.

  • The Great Blue Pokie

    Casino players that love water and animals will enjoy the Great Blue pokie. The Great Blue pokie is a 5 reel, non progressive video slot from Playtech that comes with 25 paylines, a wild symbol, a scatter, a multiplier, a maximum jackpot winning possibility of $500,000 and a free spin feature. Playtech made sure to leave nothing out in this pokie game and casino players will undoubtedly find it one of the best they have ever played as the animation and graphics are impressive.

  • The Fame and Fortune Pokie

    Casino players will be delighted with the Fame and Fortune pokie from RealTime Gaming. It is a 5 reel, 20 payline progressive gmae that comes with a scatter symbol, a wild, a multiplier, a free spin and the possibility of winning the maximum jackpot. RealTime Gaming has managed to achieve both aspects of privilege with this particular pokie game. The game has a flashy background with sounds that are thematic to the concept of fame and fortune. Casino players will undoubtedly get a kick out of this pokie game.

  • Sic Bo Tips

    The beauty of online gambling is that there are many games that casino players can select from. One game in particular is Sic Bo. Casino players tend to when they are playing casino games, to look for tips and tricks to help them win and win more often. Here are a few tips to remember the next time you play Sic Bo online.

  • The Girls With Guns Pokie

    Girls With Guns is a Microgaming non progressive video pokie. It comes with 243 paylines and 5 reels. The pokie game comes wiht a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a free spin feature and maximum jackpot winning capability. Casino players will undoubtedly enjoy this pokie game that has women with guns and a multifold amount of ways that they can win. There is a certain affinity for girls with guns and Microgaming tapped into that with this pokie game.

  • Tips for Playing A Better Game of Blackjack Online

    So you've mastered the game of 21 also known as Blackjack and have been winning and winning and winning but want a few tips to play better. There are tons of tips out on the Internet but because the game of Blackjack is a game that requires quite a great deal of practice, the assumption is that the more you play, the better you will be at it. This is true, especially if you incorproate a few strategies into the mix.

  • The Cabin Fever Pokie

    Cabin Fever is non progressive 5 reel pokie game from Microgaming. It has 20 paylines, comes with a multiplier, free spin feature, a wild symbol and a scatter. The pokie has a maximum jackpot win of $2,500. Cabin Fever is typically associated with a cooped up inside for a long time. This pokie offers casino players a variety of fun complete with a log cabin background. The cabin background in the pokie is centered on both sides of the reels and these house the number of coins in play at a particular time. The cabins are exceptionally created in terms of graphics and the buttons in the pokie game are in a gold and icy blue color.

  • The Lion's Lair Pokie

    RealTime Gaming has done it again with their Lion's Lair pokie. This 5 reel, 20 payline progressive pokie comes with a multiplier, a wild, a scatter symbol, a maximum jackpot and a free spin feature. There are many pokie games these days with cartoons and movie themes that do not live up to their hype and inspiration. The Lion's Lair pokie does live up to its hype and name however. The graphics that RealTime Gaming provides for the casino player is exceptional and one of the best in the online gambling market. The background in the game is green for the lion's habitat and the characters in the pokie are very detailed.

  • The 2 Million BC Pokie

    The 2 Million BC pokie game is a 3D, 5 reel, 30 payline non progressive game from Betsoft. The pokie game comes with a free spin feature and a maximum jackpot winning ability of $7,500. Casino players who have ever wondered about cavemen can experience it with this game that provides exceptional graphics and animations that offer an interactive experience.

  • The Jester's Jackpot Pokie

    The Jester's Jackpot pokie is another one of the many exceptional pokie games from Microgaming that every casino player should partake in. The pokie is a three reel, non progressive pokie that has one payline and is considered a classic pokie. Casino players can win a total maximum jackpot of $12,000 with this pokie.

  • The Tycoons Pokie: A Review

    The Tycoons pokie from Betsoft is a 3D game that has 5 reels and comes with a maximum jackpot of $7,500. Betsoft has continued to provide casino players with exceptional games that they can play online that are carefully designed and meticulously executed and the Tycoons pokie is no different. The game encompasses drinking, partying and gambling, which are some of the most known qualities associated with the wealthy and affluent. The Tycoons game is a progressive pokie that has cartoon like characters, exquisite graphics and sounds and features that will blow casino players away.

  • The Fruit Frenzy Pokie

    From RealTime Gaming, the Fruit Frenzy pokie is a 25 payline, 5 reel progressive that has a scatter, wild, multiplier and the chance to win big on a daily growing amount. This unique and unusual RTG pokie is built around fruit. The Fruit Frenzy pokie characters are cartoonish fruit characters who are benign and happy and want to share their progressive jackpot with the casino players of all types.

  • Carnaval from Microgaming

    Microgaming is know for creating engaging, exciting and entertaining pokies for casino players who love to gamble online and the Carnval pokie is no different. The Carnaval pokie from the Microgaming is a 5 reel, 9 payline video game that comes with a multiplier, a scatter and wild symbol for the casino player's winning pleasure. At first glance, anyone reading the name of the game might think that it is misspelled but Carnaval is the name for Mardi Gras rather than the name carnival with cotton candy, popcorn and wild rides. The massive festival is a celebration. Each of the specific elements associated with Carnaval are in this pokie game. From the trumpets to the colorful banner to the painted clown and masked dancers to the colorful and cheerful theme and music, the Carnaval pokie is one that casino players will definitely be impressed with.

  • The Jungle Jim Pokie from Microgaming

    Go on an adventure with the Jungle Jim pokie from Microgaming. Casino players can experience a journey with the pokie that offers 15 paylines, 5 reels that are non-progressive and comes with a wild, scatter, free spin feautre and a maximum jackpot win of $20,000. The character in the game, Jungle Jim is skilled in bushcraft and knows how to assist in helping casino players find his fortune. The jungle is the game's main setting both in the background and on the pokie reels.

  • The Immortal Romance Pokie from Microgaming

    Experience the Immortal Romance pokie from Microgaming! The Immortal Romance pokie is a five reel, non progressive video pokie that has a total of 243 paylines. The pokie comes with a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a multiplier and of course, a max jackpot win of $1,200. The creators of many dynamic and entertaining games have done it again with the Immortal Romance pokie.

  • The Dolphin Quest Pokie

    Experience the excellence of the ocean with the Dolphin Quest pokie game from Microgaming. This pokie comes with 5 reels, 50 paylines, a scatter and wild symbol and has a jackpot of up to $6,250 that can be won!

  • The Silent Screen Pokie

    If you are a fan of the films and movies, the Silent Screen pokie may be up your alley. Introduced by CryptoLogic, this progressive pokie is full of movie mayhem and inspired by the classic films of yesteryear. This jackpot pokie has a total of four level random progressive jackpots, that are randomly awarded on the second screen.

  • A Review of the Hitman Pokie

    With the success of the video game, Hitman, which spawned several sequels, Microgaming has created a version that uses a total of 15 paylines over 5 reels and provides design elements that are supplied by the game designer, Eidos. The theme is consistently dark and methodical. It seems the designers had a particularly similar thought process that was in line with the video game. The pokie uses genuine graphics, as well as a black and red palette and an arsenal of different weapons that fill out the pokie reels.

  • The Zany Zebra Pokie

    The Zany Zebra pokie game is one of a myriad of pokies that is geared toward the adventures and safaris of Africa. There is a difference, however - Microgaming created it! Microgaming is one of the leaders in online gaming software and as such, the pokie game is easy and simple and provides pretty impressive wins. The pokie is equipped with 5 paylines, and 3 reels as well as 11 different winning combinations. The Zany Zebra pokie symbols are not difficult to know either. They are the Seven, the bar, the Bell, and the Zebra.

  • Roulette Tips and Tricks

    Roulette may just be the most exciting game in the casino. For many casino players, Roulette offers them the the chance to win and win big as well as the excitement that other games such as Blackjack or Baccarat do not provide. Roulette players are always searching for new tips and tricks that they can employ in the game to increase their winning odds and walk away with a significant amount of money. Here are a few Roulette tips that can be used in both the online casino Roulette and the land casino Roulette game. These tips and tricks may provide the casino player with the luck they need to come out on top!

  • A Craps Tutorial

    Craps is a dice game and many casino players consider it to be one of the best bets in the casino. In the game, the house's edge can be as a low as 0.02%. That's extremely low for a casino, which means that you should only make the best bets possible and avoid what are known as the sucker bets. Craps is known for being very lively at the casino, and it can be just as lively in the comfort of your own home while playing online.

  • Types of Roulette Bets

    Ever popular, the game of Roulette is one of the oldest table games that has stood the test of time. Casino players revel in the excitement that the game offers. It is important for both the novice casino player to understand the types of bets that can be placed as experiencing the game of Roulette for the first time can feel rather daunting and scary.

  • The Dark Knight Rises Pokie At Platinum Play Online Casino

    Dark Knight Rises Online Pokie is being offered at Platinum Play Online Casino. An astounding sequel to the original Dark Knight Pokie by Microgaming, the Dark Knight Rises is a 5 reel game with 243 ways to wins and plenty of graphics to engage in for the casino player. It is important to note that this pokie is not a progressive one. The pokie is based on the Hollywood film that started Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman that was primarily based on the exploits of the comic book character by DC Comics, Batman.

  • Video Poker Tips

    If you are new to the game of video poker, it is important to know the different poker hands before betting significant amounts of money. There are seven poker hands: the full house, which is a pair and a three of a kind; a flush, which is a hand where each of the casino player's cards are in the identical suit; a straight, which is a poker than that consists of cards with consecutive ranks; an outside straight, which is a set of cards that can be made into a straight at either end with another card; an inside straight, which is a straight with a hole in the middle; a straight flush, which is a poker hand that is both a flush as well as a straight and a royal flush, which is a straight flush that has the highest cards in order.

  • Playing Online Pokies

    Playing online pokies can be one of the most exciting experiences. The machines are colorful, have excellent sound effects and have the thrills of trying to win big jackpots. pokie machines are the most popular games at casinos, both online and off. There are some tips to remember though when joining in on the fun.

  • 3 Reel Versus 5 Reel Slots

    Online casinos tend to note their slots as being either 3 or 5 reel slots. The overall distinction is more than the number of reels. History notes that when the slot machine was invested, it had only 3 reels. There is a sector of the population of casino players that spent their time playing 3 slots in casinos. This is why certain casino players often prefer to play 3 reel slots online. 5 reel slots are an outcome of the ever changing dynamics of the online gaming industry. They are the pick amongst the younger age groups.

  • The Allure of Baccarat

    We all love a mystery. Something alluring and enticing. That's what the game of Baccarat is all about. The name Baccarat has roots going back to King Charles VIII. It was first offered in Las Vegas back in 1959. It remains a popular game worldwide. The allure of Baccarat is in its elegance and seriousness. Although serious at first sight, Baccarat is actual not all that complex. It just like all casino games, takes some getting used to.

  • The Tomb Raider Online Slots Game

    Play along with gun toting archaeologist Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider slots game. Lara Croft has done everything including being in books, movies and video games - and now slot machines.

  • The Game of Keno

    Considered to be one of the most popular games worldwide, Keno is a type of lottery game where casino player guess what numbers will be drawn. The numbers are drawn at random and depending upon how many numbers the casino player correctly guessed, they win. If you have never placed the game of keno before, the good news is that the rules of the game are easy to learn.

  • Progressive Jackpots at Royal Vegas Online Casino

    Plunge yourself into the progressive jackpot excitement that’s happening over at Royal Vegas Online Casino. With more than a decade of online casino experience, Royal Vegas Online Casino is one of the leading players in the industry that offers the best progressive jackpot games. Their games contain jackpots that grow, and grow, and grow, often running many levels and giving players the possibility of attaining millionaire status.

  • JackpotCity Online Casino Now Offering ClickFun Casino Experience

    JackpotCity Casino is the number one online gaming destination for those casino players who are looking to play a thrilling game of blackjack, an exciitng game of roulette, a powerful game of video poker and to press their luck at the online slots. JackpotCity Casino is considered to be one of the more elite online casino and players are welcomed by a dynamic 500 free offer that is split into two to make sure that casino players are able to enjoy their JackpotCity experience. With more than 400 casino games online to select from, there is a game for everyone as JackpotCity caters to all preferences and tastes when it comes to casino games.

  • Platinum Play Casino Has Gone Bingo Crazy

    Online casinos are always seeking new ways of offering games that appeal to casino players. Platinum Play Online Casino has several online casino games that are unique to them. These unique games are a mixture of real time action and huge jackpots for the casino players in a user friendly format and secure setting. Casino players will undoubtedly find each of the unique games that Platinum Play Online Casino offers intriguing and adhering to the high standards that the casino is known and respected for.

  • Online Casino Deposit Methods for Australian Players

    Australian players may not have as many online casino deposit methods available to them as the amount of methods that UK players have available, but they have far more options available than what US players have. Some of the most popular deposit methods for Australian players include the use of bank credit or debit cards (mainly Visa and MasterCard), BPAY, or e-wallets.

  • New Playboy Pokie Coming Soon

    Microgaming will soon be releasing an online slot machine called Playboy. This fantastic new pokie has an Australian Playboy theme and it will be available in the real cash mode and in the free play mode at various different Australian-friendly online casinos.

  • Royal Vegas Casino 777 Bling Fest Freeroll

    If your weekend needs a little more excitement, head over to Royal Vegas Online Casino and sign up for the ‘777 Bling Fest Freeroll’ now. This is an online slot tournament which is available via the downloadable version of the casino.

  • GoWild Casino Free Spins Promo

    GoWild Casino is powered by downloadable and non-downloadable Microgaming software. This casino is owned by GoWild Gaming and players from Australia are welcome to register an account here. Australian dollars are accepted, together with various different reliable online casino banking methods and the main supported language is English.

  • Most Popular Pokies at Roxy Palace Casino in June 2013

    Roxy Palace Online Casino is a trusted Australian online casino which is owned by a company called Megapixel Entertainment Limited. The following 24 titles are actually the most popular pokies available right now at Roxy Palace Casino.

  • Golden Riviera Casino VIP Program

    When you sign up to the Loyalty Rewards Programme over at Golden Riviera Casino, you will actually be redirected to the Vegas Loyalty Lounge. This is an exclusive four-tier Loyalty Program that rewards you just for spending money in the real cash mode on any of their games.

  • Microgaming to Release two new Online Pokies

    In May 2013, Microgaming released various different online pokies, which are all now widely available. These new pokies included Galacticons, Mugshot Madness, Bridezilla, Mystic Dreams and Bust the Bank. In June 2013, they also plan to release additional gaming content. These two currently unreleased 5 reel pokies include Dr Watts Up and Rhyming Reels – Jack and Jill.

  • Crazy Vegas Online Casino

    Crazy Vegas Online Casino is an eCOGRA approved portal, which basically means that it is a perfectly secure online casino. This is an Australian friendly online casino which is owned by a trusted online casino group called Vegas Partner Lounge.

  • Australian Player wins $42k at All Slots Mobile Casino

    Details have just been released about a lucky Australian player who won AU$42,787.47 while playing on a mobile slot called Cash Splash at All Slots Mobile Casino. The player, known as Brodie M., had only registered an account at All Slots Mobile Casino just hours before winning this huge jackpot.

  • Playboy Bunny Live Dealers Arrive at Casino Mate

    Casino Mate is the very latest Microgaming-powered online casino to incorporate Playboy Bunny Live Dealers onto its platform. Once you have registered a real cash account here, you will be able to start playing games such as Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack and Live Roulette, and instead of the regular Live Dealers, you will have a sexy Playboy™ Bunny as your dealer/croupier. These Playboy Live Dealers are waiting for you right now.

  • Which Company makes the Best Online Slots?

    It’s difficult to say which online casino software provider develops the best online slots because the answer isn’t a simple one. There are more than 40 software providers that have developed a range of online slot machines and they all have their own unique style. What might be the best online slot machine to you may not be the best online slot to another player, so most of the time it boils down to personal preference.

  • Luxury Casino Makeover

    Some of you may already be aware that Luxury Casino has recently had a makeover. It’s still the same great casino you know and love and the only real noticeable differences include the actual layout of the site which should take just a few minutes to get used to and the other thing that you will notice is that the welcome bonus has changed, plus there are one or two other new promotional offers up for grabs. The new look is definitely more appealing and attractive than before.

  • Upcoming Slot Tournament at Omni Casino

    The upcoming online slot tournament at Omni Casino is called the $15,000 Marvelous lll Slot Tournament. This is an exclusive online slot tournament which features Omni’s Marvel-themed pokies and it is scheduled to take place between April 15th and 30th, 2013.

  • Platinum Play Online Casino Loyalty Rewards Programme

    Platinum Play Online Casino is a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, which operates several fully licensed Australian online casinos. This trusted online casino is eCOGRA-approved and it accepts Australian dollars, plus you can deposit or withdraw using several popular online casino banking methods.

  • Classic Pokies

    If you are looking for the more traditional online casino game, in particular, an old-style slot machine, the exact type of games that you will probably be interested in are the Classic Slot Machines. These casino games are about as retro as you can get.

  • Betway Casino

    Betway Casino is a secure online casino that accepts players from Australia. This is an eCOGRA approved gambling portal which is fully licensed in Malta. The payout ratios for most of the pokies reach as high as 97% and the games can be accessed instantly or via a secure download client. Betway Casino is powered by Electracade and Microgaming software.

  • The Palace Group

    The Palace Group formed more than a decade ago, in 2001, and their portfolio now consists of five Australian friendly online casinos and two online bingo rooms. Their flagship online casinos include Spin Palace Casino and Ruby Fortune Casino, both of which are fully licensed in Malta and both of them accept Australian dollars.

  • Two New Microgaming Pokies Available Now

    Microgaming has released two new pokies that can be launched instantly on Microgaming’s Flash casino platform. One of these new pokies is called Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat, and the other is called Xcalibur. Both of these new pokies are non-downloadable and they were released in March 2013.

  • Testimonials from Real Online Casino Winners

    Playing at a fully licensed gambling portal called Golden Tiger Casino, player Patrick G. won himself an impressive €500,000.00. “Hello, I've been the lucky winner of €500,000 here at Golden Tiger Casino... Let me tell you how it happened,” he wrote.

  • Latest Winners from Roxy Palace Casino

    The winners list at Roxy Palace Casino is frequently updated with the names of the most recent big winners. This list generally contains approximately 100 player names. It reveals the actual game that these lucky players pocketed their huge prizes from, as well as the date that they won, plus exactly how much they won.

  • Live Tournaments at Vegas Palms Online Casino

    The majority of Live Tournaments here at Vegas Palms Online Casino are in fact Slot Tournaments (pokie tourneys). Pokies tend to be the most popular of all casino games because they are easy to learn and they have multiple different themes for players to enjoy. This is why the majority of Live Tournaments involve pokies. However, Blackjack tourneys do also exist for those who those of you who prefer playing cards instead.

  • New Online Pokie from GamesOS Software Called Freaky Cars

    Freaky Cars is an online pokie that has 5 reels and 30 winning paylines. It has an automobile/racing car theme and the main characters are cartoon-style muscle cars. The regular symbols included nine of these different coloured muscle cars. The Wild Symbols are the Red Bumper Grills and the Free Spins Symbols are the Yellow Bumper Grills.

  • Check out Playtech’s New Carnival Themed Slot Samba Brazil

    Samba Brazil is a brand new online video slot from Playtech. This animated new slot is so fresh off the production line that it is still currently only available at one secure gambling portal called Betfred Casino, which is fully licensed in Gibraltar.

  • Upcoming Online Slot Tournaments at Golden Riviera Casino

    Golden Riviera Casino is fully licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and it welcomes Australian players. This innovative gambling portal is powered by Microgaming software and players can access the games here either instantly through a flash gaming platform or via a fantastic download client which contains more than 550+ amazing casino games.

  • Microgaming Increases Portfolio with Two New Online Slots

    Microgaming has recently developed two new online slots. One of them is an ancient mythology themed video slot called Jason and the Golden Fleece and the other is a love/romance themed video slot called Starlight Kiss and one of the first online casinos to have these two games available will be All Slots Casino.

  • Platinum Play Mobile Casino

    Platinum Play Mobile Casino is licensed in Malta and powered by both Microgaming and Spin3 technology. When you register an account here for the very first time, you will automatically qualify for a AU$100 welcome bonus. This is spread out over the initial two deposits that are made into your new account.

  • Two New Microgaming Slots Coming Soon

    Microgaming has recently developed two new online slot machines which will soon be added to their impressive portfolio of more than 600 entertaining online casino games. These two slots both have five reels but one of them, The Finer Reels of Life, has 243 ‘Ways to Win’ per spin and the other, Sovereign of the Seven Seas, has 40 winning paylines.

  • Platinum Play Casino News and Player Promotions

    Platinum Play Casino is quite well-known for offering some fantastic promotional offers. For example this casino frequently offers both exclusive and attractive new player promotions. The main welcome bonus for new players at Platinum Play Casino is the popular 1500 Free Bets promo, which is otherwise known as a Free Play bonus and this No Deposit Bonus allows players to try out more than 400 games in the real cash mode. Players can keep up to AU$100 of what they win from this new player promo.

  • New Slot Thor Available Now

    One of the most popular brands in Playtech’s portfolio of games is their collection of branded Multi-Level progressive jackpot slots. These video slots are based on Marvel™ comic book heroes. The latest edition to this popular series is a game called Thor – The Mighty Avenger. This new games has joined other top titles such as X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, The Punisher, Daredevil and Elektra, to mention just a few.

  • New Live Dealer Casino Platform at Spin Palace Casino

    Spin Palace Casino is a secure Australian online casino that has recently added a Live Dealer Casino platform to its already successful online gambling network. Owned by The Palace Group (which is one of the online gambling industry’s most recognised operators), players can now visit this site to experience the thrills of several different Live Dealer Games.

  • Battlestar Galactica Slot now available at Spin Palace Casino

    Spin Palace Casino is a secure online casino for Australian players. They provide local toll free telephone support (AUS:1-800-769-359) and in addition to accepting Australian dollars and the sites primary language being English, players can also deposit and withdraw their funds here using one of several popular Australian online banking methods.

  • Latest News from Omni Casino

    Omni Casino is both a reliable and secure Australian online casino that accepts several different Australian-friendly payment methods. Players can also use Australian dollars here. The site is displayed in English and it is fully licensed in the Netherlands Antilles. Omni Casino went live 15 years ago and since it first launched, it has gained millions of registered members from around the world.

  • Microgaming Immortal Romance Pokie

    One of the latest games created by Microgaming which is now available at almost every online casino powered by the industry’s leading software company is Immortal Romance, which is a 5 reeled slot that offer 243 different ways of winning.

  • Lucky UK player wins £5.1 million on a Progressive

    A lucky UK based player who still hasn't revealed his full identity was the latest jackpot winner to gain the attention of the world's media after winning a progressive jackpot worth £5.1 million. The unnamed man from Scotland was playing on Playtech's Beach Life pokie when he scooped the staggering prize pool.

  • Playtech Desert Treasure 2 Video Slot Game

    Playtech have recently released a new slot, which is a sequel to their popular Desert Treasure video slot. Desert Treasure 2 is now available at many online casinos that are powered by Playtech and for those of you that enjoyed the first instalment, you will be please to know that this game has a better bonus round and there are more ways to win prizes.

  • Microgaming Wins Best Online Casino Software

    The Gambling Online Magazine Readers Poll is now in its eight consecutive year and if you have never heard of it before, it is a unique award ceremony that allows the gamers to vote for the certain favourite categories. Microgaming has won this year’s (2012) Best Casino Software Award, which many people probably saw coming.

  • Playtech - The Mummy Video Slot Casino Game

    One of Playtech’s latest creations is The Mummy, which is a multi-lined video slot with rather impressive graphics, sound effects and cutting edge animations. This pokie is based on the Hollywood movie of the same name, which is what Playtech seem to be very good at doing. Not only do they have branded MGM™ games, but they have also created a decent collection of Marvel™ games.