General Pokies Info and Playing Pokies Online

If you are in Australia and the word Pokie comes up in conversation, most people will know what you are talking about. Step off the continent and travel somewhere else in the world and the same cannot be said. Most people will probably look at you in a strange way.

Pokies have been around for a long time. After originally starting out at land based gambling venues such as in arcades and casinos, the last decade or so has seen a string of online casino software developers creating their own virtual version of these games, which can now be found in almost every online Australian casino.

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More About General Pokies Info and Playing Pokies Online

According to popular belief, the term pokie has been around since the 60/70’s when land based gaming machines were first invented. A Pokie is basically a word which is used to describe a Video Poker game or a Slot machine. If you are playing on a pokie, you are playing on one of these games.

Nobody knows for sure the exact person who came up with the word Pokie for the first time, but it is for sure that nowhere else in the world (outside Australia) uses this term. Australia has many quirky and unique words and phrases that have grown in popularity around the world, and the word Pokie could soon prove to be another example of one of these words.

These types of popular casino/arcade games are now generalised by this one word and it isn’t just players that say pokie, operators and the official Australian gaming authorities also use this term.

The name became even more widely used when pokies started appearing online. Most Australian online casinos have entire sections dedicated to Pokies and most players know exactly what to expect when they click on the pokie section.

The word hasn’t quite taken off around the world yet, but it will surely grow in popularity. There are even now entire websites that are dedicated to Pokies and offer just a handful of other games. Pokies tend to make up at least a minimum of 50% of each casinos catalogue of games and more and more are released on almost a daily basis from numerous different software providers.

If you do a search for Pokies, you will be able to see exactly what types there are now available, such as classic slot machines, multi-lined video slot machines, video poker games (single hand and multihand games) and various other similar games.