Pokie Tips at Online Casinos

This section gives players advice on how to make their bankroll stretch a little bit further when playing in the real cash mode at an online casino.

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More About Pokie Tips at Online Casinos

Set limits

Before entering any game, you should always have the option to adjust the table limits to correspond with your budget

Cash out if you are winning

If you are winning, why not cash out some of your winnings, instead of slowly spending it all again

Play Pokies with fewer lines

You will instantly be spending less cash if you play on a pokie with fewer lines (based on betting the maximum number of lines).

Bet sensibly

Don’t draw if you don’t need to. If the hand that you have been dealt doesn’t seem to good, don’t just throw your money in the pot and hope for the best. Fold and play a new gam

Include animations

If you want to enjoy your experience in an online casino, include the animations and sound effects to make the game more entertaining. This way you will be getting the most for your money.

Avoid instant win games

These games can eat your money in just seconds, so try to find a game that offers more entertainment value. This will increase your playing time and spending your money will seem more fun.

Come out of the game if you are losing

Don’t feel as though you have to carry on playing just for the sake of it. Players often immerse themselves so deep into a game that they often don’t stop playing until their cash has run out. If you are losing interest in the game or your funds are rapidly depleting, simply close the window.

Reduce the stake if you are experiencing a losing streak

If you feel as though you are on a losing streak, simply reduce the stake until this period of bad luck ends. You will know when the losing streak has come to an end and when it does, you can then raise the stakes again.

Don’t play in tourneys with a low budget

It’s not a good idea to participate in tourneys if you have a low balance. The idea with most of these tourneys is to spend lots of money (and hopefully win lots). The chances are that you won’t get very far in a tourney with a low budget.

Don’t put all of your money into one game

If you have a bankroll of around AU$50 for example, don’t spend it all on one game. Maybe set limits such as AU$10 for one game and try to leave the other AU$40 for other games.

Don’t take insurance or have additional side bets

The majority of the time, these additional side bets won’t win you anything. It doesn’t matter which game is offering you this side bet/gamble feature/insurance, if you have a low budget, just avoid the temptation.

Increase stake when winning

It’s certainly worth increasing your stake if you are experiencing a run of good luck. This doesn’t guarantee that you will win but works for a lot of players.

Avoid games that cost more

If you are running low on cash, trying to make it last on casino hold ’em just won’t happen. Try playing on classic pokies or other pokies that cost less for one complete game.

Try to apply basic strategy

Some games actually have basic proven mathematical strategy, so trying to learn these and bring them to your game is important.

Don’t spend too much

Remember that you don’t have to spend too much in a casino. They are supposed to be for fun. If you are taking it too serious, then maybe it’s time to log out and get a breath of fresh air, so you can come back with a clearer mind later on.