The Jewels of the Ancients Pokie

Slotland is known for making innovative slots games. Many casino enthusiasts have stated that the company takes a bold approach in development of its games as they are both unique and original. The company also takes pride in ensuring that each slots game satisfies casino players of all kinds and tastes. One such slots game that does just that is Jewels of the Ancients. It is a medieval themed pokie with pokie reels that are colorfully crafted and dark. The pokie spans a total of five reels and 19 paylines. The graphics are fairly straightforward and offer a cinematic feeling.

Jewels of the Ancients, regardless of its rather simple approach to online gambling, provides casino players with an intensely inviting experience. The pokie is appealing and has a myriad of symbols to see including gargoyle statues, dragons, an ornamented casle and other symbols such as magic potions, rings, red wine and all things medieval. Additionally, the pokie game offers a special bonus feature, which can certainly brighten any casino player's day if they manage to unlock the feature. The pokie game offers a rather tight betting range beginning at roughly a quarter per each payline. This some casino players tend to feel is rather high, but does indeed make sense because of the amount of lines and the possibilities that one can win by.

Essentially, the more lines played the better the chances of winning. This makes this particular pokie game highly attractive to high rollers. Also, the pokie has a progressive jackpot that can only be hit if a total of five symbols of a diamon show up on the payline with a bet of at a minimum, $20 per spin. The Jewels of the Ancients pokie game is authentically made and Slotland definitely outdid themselves with this creative pokie.

The pokie game has a bonus symbol, which is represented by a moon shape. If the casino player obtains three of these anywhere on the pokie reels, then it activates the bonus feature in the pokie. This bonus feature is a puzzle that shows up as a grid comprised of fifteen fields. The casino player has to click on the field in order to reveal a diverse set of symbols. The casino player is awarded a total of six tries in order to win. If the casino player is able to reveal a total of three or more symbols, then they are subsequently rewarded with some significant prizes. The bonus game does have a catch, however. Each of the six symbols can also be located in the pokie game, so whenever the casino player obtains a symbol of the gold bonus during regular game play, the symbol of the pokie becomes highlighted. The highlighted symbols essentially become automatically lit up thereby boosting the chances of winning tremendously in the pokie game. Casino players will find this pokie game notably interesting and entertaining to play. The wins are quite notable and exciting. The bonus feature is one of a kind in terms of its depth of winning. Casino players will definitely be blown away by the Jewels of the Ancients pokie game.

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  • The Untamed Crowned Eagle Pokie

    Untamed Crowned Eagle is a pokie game from Microgaming that is impressive and skillfully created. This particular video pokie game comes with 5 reels, 243 paylines and is a non progressive video game. It includes a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a free spin feature as well as a maximum jackpot of $5,625. This game is another in the series of Untamed games from Microgaming. There are a variety of features that casino players can get excited about. The visuals of the game are professionally done. The eagle symbols look as if they are a part of a photo album. It is not until the casino player starts playing that it is realized that the symbols are indeed animated. The other symbols in the game include the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols as well as eagle eyes, a close up of the eagle's feathers, eagles that are in their nest and a mountain scene. Animal lovers will find this game one of a kind because of its specialty theme.

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  • The Candy Cottage Pokie

    When thinking about stories about candy, one of the first stories that comes to mind is that of Hansel & Gretel. This is the focus of the Rival's Candy Cottage pokie game, which is a 5 reel, 20 payline game that comes with all of the candy coated trimmings. There are wilds, bonus rounds and free spins for the casino player to take advantage of. In addition to this, the pokie game offers a jackpot of up to 7,500 coins. The casino player will find two plump characters, Hansel & Gretel, as well as the evil wittach in the Candy Cottage as well as delectable sweets.

  • The Silver Unicorn Pokie

    Silver Unicorn is a 25 payline, 5 reel non progressive video pokie game from Rival Gaming. The pokie game is uniquely designed and comes with a scatter, a wild, and a maximum winning possibility. Built on the theme of mythical unicorns in a kingdom that is magical, the Silver Unicorn pokie game is one of a kind and mythical in nature. Fairytales come to mind with the Silver Unicorn pokie game. Upon examination of the pokie reels, the casino player sees a variety of creatures and characters including a damsel in distress and a knight and of course, a unicorn.

  • The Non Stop Party Pokie

    If the casino player is looking for a neverending party, they will find it with the Non Stop Party pokie game from Gamescale. A 5 reel, non progressive, 21 payline video pokie, Non Stop Party is full of all things social including a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a maximum jackpot potential win of $10,000 and a scatter symbol. If casino players have searched and searched and searched for a video pokie that is centered on a good time, the Non Stop Party will definitely satisfy their quest. The game's background is rainbow colored and the pokie reels are designed in a way that puts the buttons at the bottom. This allows for easy play for the casino player as well as a simple, readable pokie game. There are two party girls that appear as the symbols in the game in addition to disco balls, champagne, cocktails, coffee for the end of the night and other interesting partygoer dynamics. Gamescale left nothing to chance with this particular pokie game in terms of the impression it will leave casino players once they begin playing.